Romantic, Luxurious Winery Tours in the Australian Countryside

The Yarra Valley is renowned for its amazing vineyards that help to produce some of the best wine available anywhere in the world. The area near the Yarra River is blessed with a cool climate that makes it possible for these lush vineyards to produce high-quality chardonnays and sparkling wine among other vintages in their famous wineries. The valley is also such a lovely, scenic spot that the yarra valley wineries have become a popular stop on many vacations.

Many couples are choosing this part of the Australian countryside as a romantic getaway. It is perfect for a day trip, a weekend getaway or to enjoy over a long, relaxing honeymoon. The number of spas across the area make it easy to find a little pampering and the restaurants, cultural activities and shopping make it simple to fill every day of your itinerary with excitement and fun.


In addition to enjoying the many outdoor activities the area offers, always leave at least one day open to enjoy a yarra valley winery tour. When you choose a pre-planned tour of the valley you will be able to travel in luxury as you are comfortably chauffeured through the countryside. Once at the wineries you can enjoy a behind the scenes look at the wine making process. Most tours also include a wine tasting experience as well as gift shops for you to select gifts for yourself or your friends and family back home.

Most wine tours include stops at several wineries, with samples and shopping available at each stop. In addition, a full day tour will also often include a delicious lunch at one of the top restaurants in the area. These tours are available for singles, couples and even groups and are much more interactive than what people will experience touring the vineyards and wineries on their own.

If you are planning a vacation or even a wedding in the Yarra Valley, do not leave before you have a chance to learn more about the wine culture and have a chance to view this exciting and unique area for yourself firsthand. For many, these romantic day trips are the highlight of their vacation.


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